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The Agent Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the success of Real Estate Professionals.

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EP 90 Stuart Sim - How To Manage Your Database

April 28, 2023

Meet Stuart Sim. Stuart is 20-year technology veteran with the last 12 years focused on Real Estate Technology. He recently joined Chime Technologies Inc. as Head of Industry Development to help build strong Real Estate rela…

EP 89 Karly Worth - Know Your WORTH

April 19, 2023

Meet Karly Worth. Karly is an investment agent 2+ years in! She made 6 figures her first year and got her first two deals under contract in 6 days with no training in the heat of Covid! She found her niche in investment real…

EP 88 Diane Konkin - Rapid Transformation Is REAL

April 18, 2023

Meet Diane Konkin. Diane Konkin is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Mind Health, a virtual, no-repeat client therapy practice, specializing in helping high-profile professionals eliminate self-sabotage thought patterns and su…

EP 87 Alex Young - I Am Enough

April 6, 2023

Meet Alex Young. What if you had $6 in your bank account? What if you were donating plasma to put gas in your car? What if you could not provide for those you love? Alex was to a point where he had two choices. He had to lea…

EP 86 Kaleb Monroe - Double Down On YOU

March 8, 2023

Meet Kaleb Monroe. From Cutco to Custom Homes, Kaleb has been tearing up the real estate scene in Houston, Texas. Kaleb and I dive into: Creating your real estate business Lead Generation Serving your clients Building a team…

EP 85 Katelyn Ciaramitaro - Stop Comparing Yourself

March 1, 2023

Meet Katelyn Ciaramitaro. Moving from the travel business into real estate was a natural move for Katelyn. While there are a lot of similarities, it wasn’t a planned move. COVID caused many of us to make moves, to pivot and …