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This is a podcast dedicated to the success of Real Estate Professionals.

I'm Raymond. During my 30 year career as an entrepreneur, I’ve owned over 45 companies. 40 we’re learning experiences, 5 crushed it with 7-9 figure brands, 2 were sold to public companies. All different markets including electronics, LED lighting, construction, cabinet manufacturing, REIT’s, and more. During that time, I have always been an active real estate investor and obsessed with real estate since I purchased my first foreclosure at 18 years old.

Over the years, I pivoted my marketing/consulting agency of 10 years to cater to real estate agents. That led me to build a business model serving real estate professionals on how to start, build and scale their businesses. I saw the same challenge for agents over and over as real estate school does NOT teach you about this business, only to get your license.

The podcast is a vehicle to help and educate all real estate professionals! I run it very organically. The audience is real estate agents/brokers, lenders, escrow, title and other pro's in the field. The goal is to help other professionals and pay the "hard lessons" forward and help people learn and make better decisions at our expense.

So, will you share stories with me?

I look forward to our conversation 😊